The benefits of Iron Powder In food Industries
The benefits of Iron Powder In food Industries
May 17, 2017
Iron Powder for Oxygen Absorbers
Iron Powder for Oxygen Absorbers
June 10, 2017
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Electrolytic Iron Powder for diamond tools industry

The electrolytic iron powder is a special type of elemental iron that is marked by its high-level purity (more than 99.5%) and the specific physical attributes that make it apt for particular applications in the industries of diversity. It is produced through the chemical electrolysis wherein pure iron particles are deposited on the cathode and are recovered from there for secondary applications post grinding.

The uses of ground electrolytic iron powder in different sizes and physical characteristics are oriented towards pharmacy production, food packaging, fortification & nutrition supplements, printing, dyes and paints manufacture and magnetic alloys development. Diamond tools are also manufactured through iron powder where it acts as a binder alloy and offers the specific arrangement of the diamond composites on to the surface of the tool that could be in the form of cutter blades, drill bits, diamond saws, and diamond wires, etc. Pre-alloyed powders for diamond tools are utilized to generate the desired alignments and also control the undesirable implications.

Iron powder alloys serve as raw materials for making diamond tools!

Diamond tools have found increased acceptance in manufacturing applications as also towards rock/metal cutting, grinding and polishing. The usefulness of these tools that are studded with diamond particles emanates from the fact that diamond being extremely hard and compact material resists wear and tear of itself even under high resistance impacts offered in grinding and cutting tasks. However, the process of applying the diamond particles and composites on to the surface of the tools is in itself a challenge! Electrolytic iron powder based alloys find a resonant application for making the diamond tools! These are used through the powder metallurgy techniques towards effective sintering or hot pressing so that the chemical reaction is achieved between the diamond surface and the bonding surface. The iron powder serves effectively through the chemical reaction to form a permanent bond that holds the diamonds in their place even against extreme impact forces produced during machine operations. Therefore leading manufacturers use pre-alloyed iron powders as the raw material for diamond tools in India and around the world.

Pre-alloyed powders for diamond tools 

The making of diamond tools through powder metallurgy requires high precision so that the adhesions and mechanical alignment of the diamond particles are done in the best way on the base surface. This, in turn, requires specific attributes of the iron powder based alloys. Specialists opine that unless the pre-alloyed iron powders and additives in it are in perfect proportion, the diamonds could undergo the denaturing through oxidation and/or graphitization. Both these implications are considered as adverse for the operation capacity of the diamond tools that would wear out easily during operation.

For the iron powder, the parameters of particle size and distribution, production of the reducing gasses during sintering, the temperature and duration required for effective sintering are important to ensure that diamonds do not suffer through oxidation and graphitization processes. The manufacturers of iron powder for diamond cutting tools in India and other nations, therefore, adopt precise parameters in making their products for the diamond tools making the industry.

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