Pre Alloyed Powder

Standard & Customized pre-alloyed matrix powders are one of the essential needs for manufacturing diamond cutting tool. Industrial Metal Powders (I) Pvt. Ltd., (IMP) manufactures highly customized and exceptional quality Pre-Alloyed Powder to make robust diamond impregnated cutting tools for wide spectrum of cutting applications that include stone, asphalt, and concrete.

Why IMP’s Pre Alloyed Iron Powder?

  • Only company in India with complete diamond cutting tool testing lab.
  • In-house Dr Fritsch sintering press to carry out trials
  • All incoming raw materials tested in-house before use.
  • Built on rich R&D experience and success story of four decades, IMP manufactures specialty Pre-Alloyed Powder through mechanical or diffusion route.
  • Very high diamond holding strength with optimal exposure of cutting surface for efficient tool performance
  • Free of cobalt & nickel metal powders options available.
  • Specially formulated to facilitate infiltration or hot pressing of matrix powder for every unique requirement of customers

IMP also develops homogenous products with exceptional diamond retention and this aspect is brilliantly harnessed to work on all type of stone surfaces. Moreover, as an endeavor to render all around services, we develop application specific specialty bonds as per the needs of customers and needless to say, we whole-heartedly maintain the confidentiality associated with the technical details.

We also hold inventory as per planned stock for easy availability or anytime material.

In a nut shell, our matrix powder is the one stop solution for your versatile need of diamond cutting tools. Contact our expert team today and explore the possibility of manufacturing customized pre alloyed powder for your tool application.

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