What is Electrolytic iron powder used for
What is Electrolytic iron powder used for?
May 8, 2017
Electrolytic Iron Powder for diamond tools industry
Electrolytic Iron Powder for diamond tools industry
May 25, 2017
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The benefits of Iron Powder In food Industries

Our knowledge about metals was developed very early when we attempted the metallurgical processes to get the demanded derivates. The benefits of Iron Powder In food Industries among the earliest metals that were discovered and derived in near pure forms for the manufacture of tools/implements and weapons of course. Now we have very refined techniques to make iron in high-grade purity. Electrolytic iron powder is one such form of iron that assures 99.5% purity and is therefore in high demand in different sectors including the food, nutrition and pharmacy manufacture.

The benefits of iron powder in the food industry are phenomenal. The devotion towards iron and its refined derivatives are on account of it being one of the most fundamental components in our body. Upon iron depends the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood where this element forms the core of the RBCs. Ironically, this element is also prone to depletion and we call the condition as anemia. We have therefore developed various techniques of using elemental iron in pure forms (like the electrolytic iron powder) in food products so that the deficiencies are negated and health is achieved. Iron powder manufacturers in India offer high purity customized derivatives to suit the requirements of the food and nutrition industry.

Use of iron powder for fortification

The fortification was developed as a nutrition concept whereby processed or semi-processed foods and also cereals were added with pure iron compounds (of proven and certified bioavailability) with the objective of increasing the nutritional value and more particularly to combat the anemic conditions. It should be stated that anemia was identified as a major deficiency disease, especially among the females and therefore governments funded subsidized fortification schemes to counter this problem on a mass scale. These programs still continue in many developed and developing nations including India. Pure iron powder supplier in India today caters to the fortification requirements of the food processing sector in a major way!

The customized offering

It should be stated that fortification is a complex concept rather than crude! The parameter of bioavailability is very important and it also depends on the food to which iron powder is being added! Hence the producers of iron powder for food in India have developed capacities to offer products with different physical attributes and RBV (relative bioavailability). Some commonly requisitioned types of iron powder are –

  • Carbonyl Iron Powder MS – microspheres type

  • H-Reduced Super fine dust type

  • Free flow Spherical Iron low dust

  • H-Reduced iron powder – easy flow

  • Atomized Steel – easy flow

  • Ferrous sulfate – 7H20 (RBV -100, very high bioavailability)

The use of iron powder as an oxygen absorber

Akin to a calcium oxide based desiccant that absorbs moisture, the electrolytic iron powder absorbs oxygen and hence it is used in food packaging. The manufacturers of semi-processed or wholly processed foods make use of the iron powder bags that are permeable and eat up the oxygen in the sealed bag to negate the oxidative processes. This helps to retain the original and fresh smell and characteristics of the packaged food for a longer time; decay is also negated!


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