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Electrolytic is basically a process of purification hence you definitely get a better and purer product.


Being high purity, electrolytic iron is the first reference for bulk drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturer in the world.

Electrolytic iron powder is
being used as a major binder for diamond tools industries. Its high purity, fineness irregular morphology helps for excellent sintering properties.

An oxygen absorber is a specially
formulated and packaged chemical that removes all or a
 significant percentage of oxygen
 in an appropriately sized and sealed space

Electrolytic Iron Powder is suitable for manufacturing Ferro magnets for different applications like soft magnetic wedges. Magnetic wedges contain almost 70% iron powder.
IMP has carried out various trials for MR Fluids with its high purity electrolytic iron powder.

Industrial Metal Powders (I) Pvt Ltd is now ISO 22000 certified and FSSAI registered company.
  Reinforcement of Electrolytic Iron Powder in Polypropylene Polymer
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