Why Electrolytic Iron Powder Is Crucial for Food Fortification Process

Food fortification has been the most sought method while eliminating iron deficiency throughout the world. The iron was the earliest inventions of mankind in the field of metals and metallurgy discovery. With this fast-paced world, the use of iron has been witnessed in the construction sector, automobiles, and food & pharmacy industry. With ages, we come across a more refined form of iron and its benefits to mankind.
Electrolytic iron powder could be considered as the purest form of iron today. Derived from the chemical electrolysis process, the purity of electrolytic iron finds its purpose and use in industries like pharmacy, food, manufacturing, and chemical industries.

Food Fortification
Food fortification is a theory developed decades ago to fight iron deficiency in humans worldwide. Salt is debatably the most consumed condiment which makes it the perfect avenue to combat micro deficiency in India. Therefore, the iron powder manufacturers in India encourages food fortification under which, iron and other vitamins and minerals are added into raw, processed or semi-processed food items consumed by the population of India. The electrolytic iron powder is crucial for fortification method because of its purity and bioavailability.
However, the concept of fortifying the salt with iodine and iron is a backdated method, there were debatable concerns regarding the instability of iodine compounds when mixed with iron, oxidation of the iron, and unusual color change in the salt. These drawbacks were later addressed with double fortified salt.

Benefits of Double Fortification
1) Fortification is a secure method for improving nutrition among people. The quantity of micronutrients added to the food items is small and added according to the prescribed standards.
2) It is one ultimate way to remove malnutrition from Indian population without forcing people to change their regular food consumption pattern.
3) The method is cost-effective and the electrolytic iron powder manufacturer of India is making it possible to reach every staple food items.
4) Under the fortification process, the iron powder is added to the salt and edibles in such a small quantity that the characteristics (taste, feel, and look) of food items remain unchanged.
The deficiency of micronutrients, also known as the “hidden hunger” is posing a serious threat to our population. Unfortunately, the number of people who are privileged enough of maintaining a balanced diet is far lesser than the people who lack accessibility o proper diet food. Fortification of food using electrolytic iron powder and other vitamins and nutrients is one ultimate solution to reach out to the entire population of India. With this, our experts help diversify the diet and supplementation of food for a better and healthy India.

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