Why IMP is the most Stable Supplier in Competitive Market for DCT.

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February 11, 2020
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Why IMP is the most Stable Supplier in Competitive Market for DCT.

Iron Powders are used for a lot of different reasons such as; maintain the nutritional value food, an additive in paints and coats, 3D printing for medical implants, etc. Along with all these applications, the major application is for making diamond cutting tools for stone industries. The tooling industry is the largest consumer of iron powders.

Diamond cutting tools are examined on the basis of their performance and sustainability. Iron powders prove to be an excellent solution for enhancing these characteristics of the tools. To manufacture good quality of different types of diamond cutting tools there are a lot of aspects taken into consideration viz. The raw materials,the process of making the iron powders, quality of the end products, its physical behaviour etc. Iron Powders are manufactured through electrolysis process and then tested for quality check. These 99.9% pure quality iron powders come in different sizes and types viz. electrolytic, reduced, atomized, carbonyl iron are the different forms of iron being use for making different segments and abrasives.

As the market diamond cutting tool industry has seen significant growth, it has also triggered the demand for iron powders. The adoption of iron powders to manufacture complex diamond cutting tools has fuelled a notable rise in the market. It is estimated that the iron powder industry will have a stable position in the market for the next five years.

According to the indexable cutting tools market report, the diamond cutting tool industry is the prime segment where the iron powder is consumed. The major players come from the Asia-Pacific region and the Indian players are the major stakeholders in the market. The most popular and reliable iron powder producing company is the Industrial Metal Powder Pvt. Ltd. IMP has over 45 years of experience in the high purity iron powders manufacturing industry and its products are certified with ISO 9001, 14001, 22000 & OHSAS 18001.

Here are the reasons why IMP is considered as the most stable supplier for the DTC industry  

Best Quality

IMP India makes sure to deliver quality products to their clients that are made with highly efficient manufacturing processes, and latest technology. IMP’s quality analysis starts from high end raw materials that are obtained from certified suppliers. It has proper documentation and systems at every point of the manufacturing process. Right from selection to approval the materials and products go through a quality check. IMP takes cares for all the steps involved in process to get consistency @ the end.

Testing Facility

IMP’s infrastructure is equipped with excellent in-house labs where all the raw materials as well as the electrolytic iron powders are tested by experts for quality control. Their experts’ team includes lab chemist, the R& D team and supervisors, who carry out the necessary procedures and then develop the final product. Plus IMP also has tie ups with accredited labs in Pune and Mumbai for routine quality tests. The company also performs additional quality checks in case customers demand for it. IMP has one of the best lab in India and specially mini lab for diamond cutting tools.


Established in 1974, IMP has 45 years of experienced and have spread their services across 33 countries.  It provides different kinds of electrolytic iron powders that can be used in various industries like metallurgical, engineering, nutritional, pharmaceutical, welding, fabrication and food. Hence IMP has the capacity to supply any quantity @ any given point of time. IMP keep 100MT inventory @ a time.

Customised Solutions

The company offers a wide range of products including electrolytic iron powder, pre-alloyed powders with specific to customer requirements. These powders are available in various mesh seizes as per the conformation to the technical specifications of the customers and their requirements. It is totally considering the customer safeguard and their interest to protect their business.

Customer Safeguard

Since it’s a competitive market and need to maintain the process, materials, recipe secrecy, customers need the reliable trust to support them to develop these unique products to compete the market. Hence IMP has the facility to make the NDA type system to safeguard customer business structure.


IMP’s clients do not have to worry about explaining the inventory process with every order. All the information and specification is already saved in the company’s system. This helps them to speed up the process of manufacturing and timely delivery of the products. It helps customers to avoid the inventory cost @ their end and to get the material in time with no part payments as per the material gets. Also, it helps for importer to save lots of things to get the business streamline.


The products by IMP always have stable prices so the clients need not worry about revising the budget every year. Plus the consistent prices also help keeping consistency in the expenses of the manufacturing process.

Ethical Business Policy

The company follows a strict ethical policy and hence aim to provide high-quality and pure electrolytic iron powders and alloy powders for wide industrial applications in an environment-friendly way. All the members are committed towards providing enhancing quality, service, employee welfare, customer relationship and environment.


With 100% reliability and standard products IMP is your one stop solution to meet the business goals.The company facilitates their esteemed clients with high assurance about the quality, purity, and delivery schedule.

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