An Insight about High Purity Iron Powders Industry in the USA

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An Insight about High Purity Iron Powders Industry in the USA

High Purity Iron Powder is basically iron particles available in different mashes, right from <5 microns to 420 microns. These powders are made using the renowned process of purification called electrolysis process where the iron is dissolved and converted into pure form. The production of sizes depends upon the customer’s requirements.

High purity iron powder is highly sought after in an array of industries including metallurgy, food and beverage, food packaging, electronics and pharmaceuticals. Different grades of high purity iron (HPI) powder include 99.9, 99.99%, and 99.999%. According to method of production iron powder is broadly classified into reduced iron powder, atomized iron powder and others. These different grades of iron powders find applications in metallurgy industry to manufacture high-density structural parts, magnetic alloys, food packaging, food ingredient, pharmaceutical industry, coated welding electrodes, and to remove sulfur impurity from gasified fuels.

Based on application, the global High Purity Iron Powder (CIP) market can be segmented as:

• Diamond tool production

• Metal injection moulding

• Conventional powder metallurgy

• Electronic components

• Microwave absorption

• Nutritional supplement

• Groundwater remediation

• Others like chemicals, cosmetics etc

US demand for metal powder will be driven by rising output in several key industries, as well as better cost-to-performance ratios for parts, lower waste and closer tolerance components

This high purity iron have a vast scope of application various industries like Nutritional, Pharmaceuticals, chemical, Cosmetic, Diamond cutting tools, Water Remediation, etc This has proved to be really positive for the manufactures as it has become less time consuming, cost-friendly, large volume productions, higher capacity, and less wastage.

To work on these applications, there are several suppliers available to fulfil the need of each industries. However, the stable supplier is vital part of supply chain management to get quality, consistency, certifications, product safety, capacity, technical expertise and transparent ethical business policies and communications.

Hence, every end user is seeking towards the reliable source who give them stability in raw materials with fulfilling the regulations in USA and other countries where they worked. For this reason, located in India and established in 1974, the well-known manufacturer Industrial Metal Powders (I) Pvt Ltd is the perfect choice for many of these industries to fulfil their requirement for iron powders.

IMP has the capacity to produce over 3000MT of high purity iron per annum with international standards and experienced of over 45 years of HIGH PURITY IRON.

Export over 33 countries since last 30 years, IMP supplying high purity iron for various applications in different parts of globe.

For IMP, USA is one of the big markets where they are supplying since long time with following the regulations required in USA market.

IMP has a customized solution for these applications and gives assurance due to excellent quality control system, testing facility, ability to supply bulk quantity and believing for continues improvement for betterment of its customers.

Conclusion –
If you are looking for a reliable company to buy high purity iron powders, then associating with Industrial Metal Powders (India) Private Limited. We will give you a wide range of most purified forms of electrolytic & reduced iron powders, Flakes & alloy powders. IMP is well-known for its consistency in quality products worldwide. IMP doesn’t compromise for quality of all the incoming raw materials; hence we present our products with strict conformation to the technical specifications of our customers and their requirements.

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