7 Ways How IRON & ALLOY POWDERS by IMP Can grow your business of DCT

January 27, 2020
An Insight about High Purity Iron Powders Industry in the USA
February 11, 2020
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7 Ways How IRON & ALLOY POWDERS by IMP Can grow your business of DCT

The diamond cutting tool industry is evolving rapidly with increasing demand for accuracy and longer tool life. To survive this dynamic market change, it is important to adopt new technologies to manufacture these tools. For example, the use of stable metal powders to make diamond cutting tools will not only transform your business but also, multiply the profits. There are lots of manufacturers in India who are producing different segments and tools from small to large scale production.

All the tool manufacturers are turning towards the use of high purity iron powder due to the market conditions and to match the prices to survive. There are different grades of iron available in the market but most important part to get consistent form of iron for consistent tools and abrasives. Iron is the major elements in current diamond tool industry with content high % but with low price. Hence, paying slightly higher @ initial stage would help to avoid many losses in process, final products performance etc.

Hence, it is very important now to think outbox by diamond tool manufacturers to create the scope to price reduction with maintaining the quality. And there comes first reference of Industrial Metal Powders (I) Pvt Ltd to provide the iron and alloy powders for the tools manufacturers with flexible business environment.


Since the diamond cutting tool industry is developing so swiftly the prices of raw materials have hiked incredibly. This has increased the cost of production and producers are searching for pocket-friendly and better alternatives. Today, 80-90% of the manufacturers are choosing to use IMP’s products as it provides stability and consistency to the tools. It enhances the performance of the tools because of its various particle sizes, compressibility, irregular particles providing good diamond retention, proper hardness, low sintering temp, plus it’s totally eco-friendly.

IMP also provides 100% reliability as it follows a quality assurance process and control, also test all products in the self-installed labs. The company follow the principle of ethical and transparent business.

How Does Using IMP’s High Purity Iron Will Increase Profits

Mini Lab for Diamond Cutting Tools:

IMP has built the min testing lab to test every end product, as well as every raw materials, is tested in in-house mini-labs thus, increasing the credibility of your products and your company’s reputation. It will have a better opportunity to be sold in the markets which in turn will yield profits. It provides relief of quality assurance for the incoming materials and confidence on final products to sale.

100% Quality Assurance

IMP follows a standards procedure and carries out quality tests on the resources as well as the final product. Very high-quality control measures are implemented to offer the best products to the clients. Besides the routine quality check-ups, our company also execute additional testes on customer’s demands.

Customised Products and Import Substitute

IMP’s products have proved to be an excellent substitute for imports because it’s premium quality and manufactured in India which will save up a lot of your transportation costs, inventory cost, IMP provides a different grades of quality of iron and alloys powders in numerous mashes and sizes so that it can be used to produce distinctive tools as per the user’s end. Thus, helps you in improving the quality and output of your services.

Stable Prices

With a stable price and efficient performance IMP also provides customized solutions at comparative rates. Along with keeping the price range stable consistent, the products have reasonable prices. This enables you to create a steady budget and give you a clear picture of your expenses. So, associating with IMP will be indulging in a transparent transaction and you will be charged according to your requirements only.

Customer Safeguard

Considering the business risk. IMP is always kept secrecy with products, prices, customization so that customer can stay happy with their business risk to replicate or chances of competitor. IMP safeguard customer with 100% transparent polices and communications.

Flexible Policies and Communication

IMP has really flexible policies and offers a competitive price range so that it becomes economical for their customers. The business transaction is extremely transparent and the price is decided as per the client’s demands. Their team is available for you 24*7 and fulfil all the special requests if necessary.

Deliver Bulk Requirements Quickly

IMP has the capability of supplying bulk orders in just in times as IMP’s employees have complete mastery and knowhow of the highly complex and intricate technology pertaining to the production of the iron and alloy powders. IMP Keep stock of min level against order.

IMP keep min 100MT stock @ a time to supply the order in single day.


The Iron and alloy powders will not only enhance the performances of your tools but also your business. When any tools manufacturer check the cost of per segments/abrasives instead of per kg cost of iron or alloy by IMP, they will find lots of indirect savings in final products like no need to test incoming materials, process loss, low sintering temp means energy saving, enhance in machines life, productivity, stable performance of end products, support in customer retention etc. So always think one step ahead when you think on pricing not only before but also after production. So lets work together and grow together.

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Alloy powder for diamond cutting tool
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Alloy powder for diamond cutting tool
IMP provides all types of iron and alloy powders for diamond cutting tools.  IMP provides a different grades of quality of iron and alloys powders in numerous mashes and sizes so that it can be used to produce distinctive tools
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