High Purity Iron Powder in Pharmaceuticals – Necessity & Demand

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February 26, 2020
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High Purity Iron Powder in Pharmaceuticals – Necessity & Demand

Iron powders have varied applications in a lot of different industries and one of the core sectors is the Pharmaceuticals. Mostly this industry looks for the highly pure form of iron to get the extremely lower profile of impurities into their final products.High purity iron powder is not only a cost-effective solution but also gives promising results and affirms good health.

Using the iron powders for medicinal purposes can be very tricky as it should meet the accurate size, stringent demands, special properties, consistency and definite requirements. Hence, the iron powders should be manufactured using high standard raw materials, with proper quality control system and maintaining proper GMP & HACCP guidelines throughout the process.

Iron as a mineral helps in transpiration of oxygen throughout our body therefore;it is used to produce synthetic medicinal drugs. It is popular in chemical applications because of its high reactivity and purity. All the pharmaceutical products are made by a complex chemical process in which iron acts like a catalyst or reagent. These properties of iron increase the quality of end products and hence, it is a preferred choice in the pharmaceutical industry. The major role of iron in any pharma products is to increase the haemoglobin level of human being.

Necessity and Demand of High Purity Iron Powder in Pharmaceutical Industry

  1. Why Pharma Need Pure From of Iron

The high purity iron powder enhances the quality of the drugs, intermediates and in-turn helps improve our health. It has wider applications in the medicinal sector considering its physical as well as chemical properties. Plus, the iron powder is considered an effective solution as it improves the haemoglobin level.

  1. Options Available in the Market For Pure Iron

The world has various alternatives for iron to be use in any pharmaceutical applications. However, getting the right option with extremely stringent guidelines need by industries, it is very important to select the iron with purer, safety, economically available and followed by international standards.

  1. IMP – The Best Source of High Purity Iron Powder

When the industry asked for the most stable and purify form iron, it is always key factor to choose the stable manufacturer with excellent facility and capacity to fulfil the need of industry they demand. Hence, established in 1974 with over 45 years of experienced in high purity iron, Industrial Metal Powders (I) Pvt Ltd has earned the trust of more reliable source for food and pharma grade electrolytic iron since the journey started. The only company with ISO 9001, 14001, 22000 & OHSAS 18001 certifications. Products are registered under REACH, FSSAI, KOSHER, HALAL, FDA etc.

  1. Options Available with IMP for Parma

IMP understands that the iron powder for medicinal use should be produced having specific physical and chemical properties. Their electrolytic iron powder made by electro deposition is the best suited for the pharma sector. IMP has a various grade from 40# to below 5 microns with purity >99.5%. IMP produces customized iron form with 99.9% purity too.

  1. Strengths of IMP

Along with quality and process assurance certificate, IMP implements HACCP & GMP principles. The company has efficient State of art lab & facility at Pune, plus tie ups in Pune and Mumbai for additional quality checks. The company has their reach across 30 countries. IMP has one of the best inhouse lab for testing raw materials to finished products. IMP cares for its employee safety, quality and productivity which is its values on which IMP works and able to produce 3000MT of iron annually. IMP keep 100MT inventory to make sure its customer should not affect due to any of environmental or other factors affected to business.

  1. Benefits to the Pharma Industry

Since pharma industries is a vital part of any countries to boost the economy, to make the availability of different medicines against critical diseases. Hence to get the long-term solution is important stage of their business cycle to make the products with effective results. To fulfil these requirements when they any of iron component, it is a key factor to have a more reliable supplier for iron to make them happy to continue their business with excellent quality of iron, stability, impurity profile, availability of materials, international standards, prices etc to run the product life cycle. So, IMP becomes the perfect choice to match their needs and


The high purity iron powders produced by IMP is 99.9% pure and suits best for all the pharmaceutical requirements. The high purity ironis available in different mesh sizes and have 3 years of shelf life in vacuum packed condition. This makes IMP a reputed and reliable source of IRON for Pharmaceutical industry.

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