Magnetic Facial Mask – A Revolution in the Cosmetic Industry

December 9, 2019
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January 2, 2020
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Magnetic Facial Mask – A Revolution in the Cosmetic Industry

Beauty products have been constantly evolving for the past few years and the change has been rapid in the recent past. Innovative products have hit the market and the demand for such unique products is on the rise. One of such incredible innovations is the magnetic facial mask. Magnetic facial masks have revolutionized the cosmetic industry. Good quality of Iron powders are the primary ingredient of the magnetic facial mask and good quality iron powder is needed to ensure the quality of the product.

Traditional face masks either need to be peeled off from the skin or they need to be washed off. Peeling off a mask is not always an easy task. Sometimes the mask may not be peeled off properly and may also end up hurting your skin in the process. Washing off a mask is always a mess. The magnetic facial mask, a revolution in the cosmetic industry is the best solution to these problems.

The magnetic facial mask must be applied to the skin evenly and has to be left for some predetermined time, mostly around 10 minutes. After that, with the help of the magnet provided in the facial kit, the mask must be removed. It is advised to cover the magnetic peeler with a tissue or a cloth to avoid the removing process from becoming messy. The magnet needs to be moved around near the skin to remove the mask. The facial mask which is made up of food grade iron powder starts sticking to the magnet and thus is gently removed from the face.

This mask helps in cleansing your skin by removing the dirt and impurities from the skin. The magnet creates a micro-current stimulation which is helpful in making the skin acquire a natural glow. The skin, because of exposure to the Sun and dirt is deeply damaged. The magnetic facial mask helps the skin to heal itself from such damage. Along with this, the magnetic facial mask also has an anti-aging effect. Regular use of the mask slows down the aging process. The magnetic facial mask helps in yet another way. It has the power to interact with the ions present in the skin, which boosts collagen production and increases the blood flow to the skin as well.

As mentioned above, to ensure the quality of the face mask, good quality iron powder is needed. Industrial Metal Powders (I) Pvt. Ltd, abbreviated as IMP has developed high-quality & purity iron powder which has been named Electro-Facial 200 which is specially developed to use to make magnetic facial masks. This iron powder has very low impurities and controlled particle sizes and hence is ideal for making magnetic facial masks. The iron powder is food grade and hence it is very safe and healthy for the skin after the application of the mask.  IMP has been exporting Electro-Facial 200 to various countries for manufacturing high quality magnetic face masks.


Magnetic face masks offer several benefits that traditional masks do not. They have the potential to make your skin look smoother, more radiant and also younger-looking. Electro-Facial 200 manufactured by IMP is the best product that can be used for making magnetic facial masks.

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