Role of IMP’s High Purity Iron in Making Different Types of Diamond Cutting Tools

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Role of IMP’s High Purity Iron in Making Different Types of Diamond Cutting Tools

Iron is the heart of modern diamond tool industry. In early 1990 to till 2010, precise metals like cobalt, tungsten, nickel were in high demand due to its excellent properties for making tools and cutting different types of stone available in the world. But the way market grow and competition got started with the industries due to innovative technologies, addition of no of manufacturers and major hiked in raw material prices, the world moves towards the most economical and best alternative form of metal available in the world- IRON. Iron belongs to the same periodic table of Ni, Co Cu and has tendency to act with other metal powders.

So, when the journey was started of shifting expensive metal powders to iron powders, there was a choice of few forms of iron available in the world to use. These forms are carbonyl iron, electrolytic iron, reduced iron and atomized iron powders. However, to get the most stable iron @ economically available with quality assurance was the major concern to all the tools and abrasive manufacturers. Among all these most of the diamond cutting tools manufacturer preferred “Electrolytic Iron Powders” as an excellent long-term solution due to its unique properties found to support diamond tool industries to explore their market.

Now almost 80-90% manufacturers are using electrolytic iron due its excellent behaviour of physical and chemical properties for supporting tools to perform well.

These properties are like

  1. Purity up to 99.9% (lower impurities always help to enhance the life of tools)
  2. Available with different particle sizes: choices available for the end users
  3. Excellent compressibility
  4. Irregular particle shape: help for better diamond retention
  5. Adjustable hardness
  6. Required lower sintering temperature.
  7. Excellent surface area
  8. Stable prices
  9. Eco-friendly product

Hence it is very important to use electrolytic iron to get

  1. Excellent life for tools
  2. Adjustment for cutting- fast/low
  3. Cut the different types of stone
  4. To reduce the sintering temp to get desired results @ lower temp
  5. To increase the life to machines used to make tools/abrasives
  6. Risk free business with 100% batch to batch consistency

But to achieve all these above from raw materials to final products, it is key phase of selection of right supplier for iron powders specially when your bond content 80-90% of iron where iron price is low bit it makes bond price @ higher side. When major percentage of bond is not stable or impure it would damage the overall performance of tools or abrasives. Hence to get the stable iron supplier specially for long term prospect, being world largest manufacturer of high purity electrolytic iron powder since 1974, IMP has built that trust to industries by supplying the stability into their product.

IMP itself believe that to do the best for the industries by making availability of customized solution @ reasonable prices to compete with import products and explore the market.

IMP has understood the need of the hour and brought to you the substitutes to these expensive options, customized in different meshes that are perfect for making cutting tools.

Why IMP:

  1. World largest producer of high purity electrolytic iron
  2. 100% quality assurance process and control
  3. Installed min lab for testing diamond cutting tools powders
  4. Dedicated work for diamond cutting tools
  5. 100% ethical and transparent business
  6. Customer safeguard is 1st priority
  7. Ability to supply any bulk quantity in quick time
  8. Available for 365 days

Hence your selection of stable supplier is a key process of your business expansion. So for long-term prospective, Industrial Metal Powders will be your long term solution for the iron ingredient use to make different types of tools and abrasives.

You can also visit IMP @ STONA 2020, in BIEC, Bangalore from 6th to 9th Feb

Hall No: 4 Stall: 121/122

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