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November 27, 2019
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We are in an era where technology is changing rapidly, and innovative products are being brought to the market almost every day for different applications. The number of industries is increasing day by day with more and more resources, both natural and artificial are being utilized in the production processes. But all of this is having a great impact on the external and internal environment. There are very few companies that acknowledge this and operate such that they do not pose a threat to the environment. Along with this, taking care of employees’ health and safety is also very important along with the products.

Industrial Metal Powders Pvt. Ltd. (IMP) is a leading high purity iron manufacturing company in India who has always worked hard to protect the environment and is the best example of an eco-friendly and green company. IMP ensures that they provide a safe environment to work in for all of their employees.

IMP manufactures high purity iron which is a natural component. As the main product that is manufactured is natural, it does not pose a threat to the environment. IMP’s commitment to making a pollutant free environment can be easily recognized by looking at the infrastructure deployed at the manufacturing plant which is a zero-pollutant plant. Efforts are taken by IMP to check air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution respectively.

IMP ensures that it properly disposes of the waste that is produced through its processes. The waste is mainly of two types, namely, sludge and dust. The sludge which consists of solid and liquid components is treated with the help of an effluent treatment plant. The solid and liquid parts are separated. The solid part is disposed of according to standard means. The liquid part is recycled, and the water is then used to water the gardens in and around the campus. All of this also helps in checking the soil pollution.

IMP produces very less amount of dust particles. These dust particles consist of light and heavy particles. The heavy particles settle down whereas lighter particles do not. IMP has made a provision so that these lighter particles do not cause air pollution. The particles are trapped and then processed. The resulting material is utilized in other processes.

IMP has implemented GMP, i.e. good manufacturing practices and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) management system to ensure the quality and safety of the products that are manufactured. IMP’s plant layout is such that the production process is carried out smoothly and risks are minimized. Utmost product safety is thus ensured and any kind of contamination is lessened. IMP makes sure that its employees are provided with the safest working conditions such that none of the manufacturing processes pose a threat to the employees.

Along with this, IMP has been actively involved in the plantation of trees and the IMP campus is a testimony to the same. There are numerous trees in and around the IMP campus and visiting the campus is an absolutely refreshing experience.


Owing to the different practices deployed by IMP in the manufacturing process of high purity iron, it can be rightly said that IMP is the best example of an eco-friendly and green company.

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