Why IMP Has Great Potential in the Food and Pharma Applications

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October 25, 2019
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Why IMP Has Great Potential in the Food and Pharma Applications

IMP in Food and Pharma

IMP is one of the best high purity iron powder manufacturers in the world. Iron powder has numerous applications across various industries. IMP has great potential in two of these industries namely the Food industry and the Pharmaceutical Industry. Nutritional Applications in the area of food fortification and pharmaceuticals demand the best quality of food and pharma grades of iron powders with unsurpassed quality and safety. Thanks to the cost-effective process backed up by 44 years of research and development activities, IMP offers Electro-Fine’, an enhanced Electrolytic Iron Powder for food fortification with major iron fortificants. The applications of the various IMP products in these industries would be discussed in this blog.


Food Industry:

World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended the usage of Electrolytic Iron Powder amongst all elemental iron powders in food fortification. With excellent bioavailability, high surface area, long shelf life, better dissolution rate, no organoleptic changes, easy to use and test, economically available and optimum particle size distribution, IMP’s Electrolytic Iron Powder is the best solution for food fortification and other nutritional applications worldwide. Electro-Fine does not change the colour, taste and odor of the premix material and hence it is accepted by food industries across the world. Electrolytic Iron Powder is the only option when it comes to the requirement of similar products with a long shelf life and gives more stability to the wheat and maida products.

IMP has been doing Flour fortification with food grade Electro-fine Electrolytic Iron Powder for more than 30 years. Ordinary elemental iron powders have very poor bioavailability and low purity. So, the customer does not get the required quality and quantity of iron that they’ve demanded and paid for. ‘Electro-Fine’ is an enhanced Electrolytic Iron Powder manufactured by IMP. It is the best product that is cost effective and internationally recognized with easy availability. Electro-Fine has very fine particles.The appropriate particle shape and high surface area contribute to better dissolution rate and higher RBV. It is recommended by WHO, GAIN, FFI, MI, etc. Also FSSAI has added the same for the wheat and maida fortification program in India.


Pharmaceutical Industry:

IMP’s high purity Electrolytic Iron Powder (up to 99.9%) consistently meets the strict pharmaceutical requirements in all batches of operation and therefore easily attains the first choice of reference in bulk drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers across the world. Electrolytic Iron comes in a vacuum packed condition and hence is highly stable. Electrolytic Iron Powder of IMP is one of the renowned powders in the pharmaceutical world. Electrolytic Iron Powder is used as a reducing agent in pharmaceutical reactions. All the grades of Electrolytic Iron Powder meet the FCC specifications chemically. Ferrous salt manufacturers in the world opt for high purity electrolytic iron because of its high purity. Electrolytic Iron Powder is used for producing ferrous fumarate, ferrous sulfate, iron gluconate, ammonium ferrous citrate, iron pallets, ferric chloride, etc. Its high purity and batch to batch consistency help end users to increase their productivity.


Why IMP is the best:

  1. 40+ years old prime supplier of high purity iron.
  2. Only ISO 22000 certified company.
  3. World’s best lab to test high purity iron process.
  4. 100% ethical business policies.
  5. Focus on customer safeguard.
  6. Purity of >99.5% with every batch.
  7. Meets FCC specs and recommended by WHO, GAIN, MI, FFI etc
  8. Exporting to over 33 countries for the last 30 years.
  9. Known worldwide for the most stable prices.
  10. Excellent technical team to take care of the products, processes and customers to give QUALITY products only.



As seen above, due to its unique physical and chemical properties, food & pharma grade of iron powders produced by IMP have a wide range of applications in various industries and specifically a great potential in the food and pharmaceutical applications due to the numerous benefits offered to the end users.


For your requirement of high purity iron, please do visit IMP @ CPHI, Greater Noida on 26-28th Nov 19 @ HALL 2A-10 or contact on marketing@imp-india.com


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