6 things which you can learn through visiting IMP’s state-of-the-art campus

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6 things which you can learn through visiting IMP’s state-of-the-art campus

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IMP is one of the eminent high purity iron powder manufacturers in the world. The production plant spread across four acres is located at Koregaon Bhima, 30 km away from Pune. A visit to their state-of-the-art manufacturing unit is worth our time as there is so much that one can get to know just by visiting the campus. For all those who cannot visit the IMP campus, here are some of the amazing things that we can learn from the IMP manufacturing unit:

The Process of Making HIGH PURITY IRON:

IMP has complete mastery and knowhow of the highly complex and intricate technology pertaining to the production of high purity iron in both powder and flakes form. The manufacturing process is highly efficient owing to the use of latest technology and applications of advanced R&D programs.  IMP makes excellent use of technology in the production of Electrolytic Iron PowdersReduced Iron Powders, Prealloyed Powders& Electrolytic Iron Flakes. This is the reason why IMP’s esteemed clients are always assured about the quality and delivery schedule of the products. IMP follow the standard operating process (SOPs) for every activity related to products, processes, testing, applications and also those related to customizations demanded by customers.

Advanced Lab Instruments:

Well-equipped laboratories are the backbone of any manufacturing facility to achieve products of the highest standard and quality. IMP’s state-of-the-art laboratory houses a wide range of machinery & equipment. Some of them are as follows – Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, LECO ONH 836, LECO CS 230, MicroTrac S3500, Blenders for homogenies mixing, Thermo Fisher Spark Spectrometer, Dissolution Apparatus, Fischer Sub Sieve Sizer, Flume Chamber, Hardness Tester, Hydrogen Loss Apparatus, DR FRITSCH DSP 25 sintering press, Surface Area, UTM, Image Analyzer, Bulk Density Apparatus, Muffle Furnace, Oven, PH Meter, etc.

Quality Control:

Because the high purity of iron powders is at the forefront of the company’s commitment to be the best possible iron powder supplier, IMP has invested heavily in quality control to ensure a high purity factor in all of its products. Very high-quality control measures are taken to meet the customer requirements. To keep regular checks at necessary points, a system for proper documentation has been created. The lab chemist routinely checks every batch of the final product to see whether it matches the laid down parameters. Also, according to customer’s demands, additional tests are also carried out. IMP has the best in house lab for quality control. In addition to this, IMP has tied up with accredited labs in Pune and Mumbai for routine quality tests. IMP takes strong measures to ensure that they deliver the best products. The quality control processes operate right from the selection and approval of raw materials to the final product.

Packaging Process:

The packaging process is a crucial process in the production of iron powders as the shelf life of iron powders and flakes is highly dependent on the packaging materials and conditions. To ensure the longevity of shelf life of the products, IMP uses unique vacuum packing systems. The packaging materials and sizes are carefully chosen to facilitate their easy handling and transportation. Available in packing size of 5 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg, 500 kg and 1000 kg, all the packaging materials are clearly marked with the name of the product and other essential details such as weight, mesh size, production, expiry dates and lifting instructions. IMP packs materials immediately after the blending process.

Applications of  high purity Iron :

Due to its unique physical and chemical properties, iron produced by IMP have a wide range of applications. It is mainly used for pharmaceuticals, mineral vitamin primexes, chemicals, iron pallets, diamond cutting tools, oxygen absorbers, MR Fluids, cosmetic products, magnetic wedges, surface coating, EMI shielding, etc. Iron powders and pre-alloyed powders are exclusively developed to enhance the quality of diamond tools such as gang saws, wire beads, circular saws and polishing tools. IMP has specially developed high reactivity and purity iron powder products for chemical applications to be used as catalysts and reagents.Electrolytic iron powders are used in the manufacturing of ferro magnets. IMP has developed special grade material for the application of MR fluids. The iron powders find application in magnetic inks and toners and are also widely used in the coating of hard boards to produce magnetic boards.

Nutritional Applications in the arena of food fortification, iron salts and pharmaceuticals demand the best iron powders. IMP manufactures an enhanced electrolytic iron powder for food supplements.

A special grade product developed by reduced Iron powder called Electro-Facial 200 is an excellent solution for making a magnetic facial mask for cosmetic application. The magnetic mask helps to remove or clean dirt pores, impurities, and excess oil, leaving your skin smoother, more radiant, healthier and younger-looking.

Green Company:

Today, many industries do not acknowledge the fact that taking care of the environment is one of their primary responsibilities. Unlike such industries, IMP has always worked hard to ensure that their manufacturing processes do not pose a threat to the environment. IMP’s commitment to make a pollutant free environment can be easily recognized by looking at the infrastructure deployed at the manufacturing plant which is a zero-pollution plant. Along with this, IMP has been actively involved in the plantation of trees and the IMP campus is a testimony to the same.


There is so much to learn from visiting the state-of-the-art IMP campus and we have mentioned some of these things in this blog. A visit to the IMP campus is worth our time to see the uniqueness of IMP’s business environment.

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