What Is Iron and Why It’s Major Part of Our Lifecycle

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March 12, 2020
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What Is Iron and Why It’s Major Part of Our Lifecycle

A human being’s life included different stages, which are defined by the demographics of your age. These parameters of age define the different segments and phases of our life that includes pregnancy, infancy, toddlers, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age.

Is it said that the maximum life span of a human being is as good as 130 years, but to live for that long you need to lead a moral lifestyle. One of the best ways to imbibe this righteous life is to eat a balanced diet and regulate the levels of micronutrient in your body. The regular intake of vitamins, iron, and calcium is a must for leading a smooth life.

One of the most essential micronutrients is iron, which is also known as a mineral that supports a lot of our bodily functions. The consumption of iron needs to increase as per the phase or age of the human being. Many experts have researched and recommended a particular amount of iron that is essential for life.

Iron is widely available in various forms in foods even then some people face iron deficiency that leads to many health issues. The best way to increase iron levels is to eat iron-rich food or iron-fortified food items, readily available in the market.

The Different Stages of Lifecycle 

Pregnancy: At this stage, a fetus is formed in the woman’s womb after the development of a zygote and it is divided into multiple cells in the embryo.

Infancy: This period includes the time from your birth to the age of one. Your different organs and bodily systems develop rapidly at this stage.

Childhood: These are the formative years of a human being during which your cognitive skills and personality are developed. This happens between the ages of four to eight.

Adolescence: This phase is known as the teenage years, it covers two segments viz. nine to thirteen and fourteen and eighteen. This is the time when the children hit puberty and experience hormonal changes.

Adulthood: This stage is again divided into two sections, nineteen to the age of fifty. This is the time when all your bodily aspects are well-developed and you need to maintain them to lead a normal healthy life.

Old age: The age group includes age fifty-one until the end of life when you have taken the most care of your body, understand it’s needed and make changes in the lifestyle accordingly.

Iron’s Role at Different Stages of Life 

Pregnancy: There is a great need for iron during pregnancy as the developing fetus needs it in red blood cells. Along with that the mother also needs to maintain the iron level to prevent deficiency as she is going to face blood loss during childbirth.

Infancy and Childhood: Iron is essential for proper growth rate, visual development, neurological progress, strong bones, develop immune, strong teeth. At this stage children spend a lot of their time in school or playing, precise iron levels will provide them with concentration and necessary energy.

Adolescence: During this age, the human being experiences a great number of changes in their body as we go through hormonal changes. It is crucial to eat a balanced diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This age is the most prevalent towards iron deficiency.

Adulthood: We are more prone to diseases and long-lasting conditions during this period. Most of people get addicted to ill-habits at this age. Eating iron-rich food will provide us with good metabolism and a fine immune system.

Old age: Maintaining iron levels help to keep up the cognitive health and digestion. There are a lot of health issues at this stage, most of us are suffering from a problem and good iron levels will help us fight the condition effectively.

IMP’s electrolytic Iron Powders – One Solution for Quality Iron Fortified Food 

The most used micronutrient to add to foods is iron, as it has convenient form of elemental iron to use in fortified products. The selection of suitable iron compound for the fortification purpose is done by testing absorbability, chemical as well as physical & sensory properties, and cost. Common iron-fortified foods are Wheat Flour, Rice, Iodine, Vegetable oil, sauces, and cereals for babies, milk and many other foods items.

The purest form of elemental iron power options in the market are those produces by the Industrial Metal Powders (India) Pvt. Ltd. Their range of products includes Electrolytic Iron Powder and Reduced Iron Powder. It is best for the food industry as it meets FCC specifications and has ISO 9001, 14001, 22000 & OHSAS 18001 certifications. Electro-fine grade of electrolytic iron powders does not make issues like oxidation, sensory problems & impact on colour, odour, taste & appearance of the food. Along with purity, it has excellent bioavailability.


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