How the Pharmaceutical Industry Gets Benefited from stable form of Iron Powders

What Is Iron and Why It’s Major Part of Our Lifecycle
March 12, 2020
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How the Pharmaceutical Industry Gets Benefited from stable form of Iron Powders

The US’s Pharmaceutical Industry has always delivered promising trends and it is known to be a dynamic and challenging market. Even though the pricing in the pharmaceutical market of the US is quite stringent, it still is the world’s largest market of medicines as other territories also have access to it.

One of the reasons behind the growth in the US pharma industry is increased vertical specialization in industries and researches carried out to increase the effectiveness of the medicines. Pertaining the researches one of the most recognised studies was the use of Black Iron Oxide Powder. Using iron powders for chemical applications especially in the pharma industry helped in fighting against the challenges like expensive transactions and uncertainty. The kinds of new research, the rise of the biotech sector, and technological advancements are estimated to bring significant social returns. Today’s pharma industry is relying upon research productivity to change industry structure and welcome new practices like using high purity iron.

The most appreciated development in the US pharma market is the utilization of pharma grade iron powders. The research showed great success rate as iron is a very vital mineral for a human body. This article focuses on how the pharmaceutical industry is benefited by most convenient forms of food and pharma grades of pure iron powders.

Movement in the US Pharma Industry 

The prime reason for the growth is the increased use of medicines by the ageing population in the world. Around 15% of the US population falls into the age group of 65; this is estimated to majorly increase by 2023. Plus the purchasing power is also rising and expected to reach 3.21% CAGR by 2023. Due to these two factors, the US is anticipated to maintain it’s the position in the global market with a share of 43.72% in 2023. It is foreseen that the pharmaceutical industry of the US will be worth USD 685.45 billion by 2023. To reach the estimated level the US’s government is implementing cost control policies.

Why Iron fits in pharma Industry 

The use of high purity iron has made it possible to produces active pharmaceuticals ingredients and bulk drugs. Theiron powders act as a reducing agent in pharma reaction. All the medicines are made using specific formulations. To achieve the precise structures the materials need to have a certain level of purity, size, and chemical as well as physical properties. The high purity iron with different particle sizes are highly reactive and fit into all the parameters. Therefore, it’s use in the pharma industry has prominently grown. Since iron is becoming more and more green products, it helps as eco-friendly mineral to various health applications worldwide.

Uses of Iron is the Pharma Industry

Medicinal Uses

Iron is really helpful for the human body as it is the most important thing that helps supply oxygen throughout the body. Plus it helps to fight iron deficiency anaemia and cures kidney as well as heart problems. It also improves cognitive functions, restless legs syndrome, ADHD, and many other conditions.

Other Uses:

The food or pharma grade iron powders available in the market are used as colouring agents for medicines, to make the pigments for different colours. It is also used to make bulk products and utilized as an API compound. It is used to make the oxygen absorbers to increase the shelf life of the food and pharma products having low shelf life.Iron powders may be used in many different chemical applications from the production of magnetic paints to production of Iron salts.

Types of Iron Powders used in Pharma Industry 

The different types of commercial iron powders available in the market viz. black iron oxide powders, Electrolytic iron powders, reduced iron powders, carbonyl iron powders and cast-iron powders. Many researched have been working on high purity iron powders to increase the performances of the drugs in pharmaceuticals. Since the different types of pharma products are directly related to human medicinal requirements. Hence, it is quite important to have a most stable form of iron with excellent purity, better shelf life, lower impurity profile, product safety, bioavailability, Reactivity, must be produced in well maintain GMP & HACCP practise. To meet all these international standards and requirements, established in 1974, the world most convenient manufacturer and supplier of high purity iron is Industrial Metal Powders (India) Pvt Ltd. (IMP) that has spread its export of this food and pharma grades iron across 33 countries.


IMP is amost convenient and ideal choice to get associated as it has a world class manufacturing facility with 100% inhouse testing’s facility & quality assurance system. All the different grades of iron- electrolytic iron and reduced iron powders are available with ISO 9001, 14001, 22000 & OHSAS 18001 certifications. They are produced through stringent guidelines of GMP & HACCP practices to give safer products with eco-friendly uses. These products are registered under FSSAI, REACH, KOSHER, HALAL etc to give the trust of quality.


Benifits of Iron Powder to Pharmaceutical Industry - IMP India
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Benifits of Iron Powder to Pharmaceutical Industry - IMP India
5 reasons for How the Pharmaceutical Industry Gets Benefited from stable form of Iron Powders.ISO 9001, 14001, 22000 & OHSAS 18001 certifications.

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