IMP Offering Every Unique Requirement of Diamond Cutting Tools & Abrasives Manufacturers

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January 3, 2020
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January 14, 2020
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IMP Offering Every Unique Requirement of Diamond Cutting Tools & Abrasives Manufacturers

Diamond cutting tools and abrasives have been used by the manufacturing industries for various purposes for many decades. The process of using these tools involves a lot of friction, vibrations that escalate the temperature to really high levels. Therefore, the materials need to be hard, wearing, durable and homogenous.

All the industries these days look out for better and improved performing tools. That is why they are ready for experimenting and adding new innovations in their buckets instead of using traditional ways.

Serving the above purpose out-and-out IMP India Pvt. Ltd. has solutions to help the industries let go off the old ways and upgrade the techniques. By introducing iron-based products, made by a secret, complex process they have managed to improve the efficiency of diamond cutting tools as well as the abrasives.

The new innovation, rising prices of raw materials, Equipments and easy entry for new players made this diamond cutting tool industry very complicated and price sensitive. There is no barrier for any new players into manufacturing of different types of tools and abrasives and hence that keep forcing for both buyers and suppliers to keep them update with market demand.

Since diamond cutting tool is a growing market and lots of potential for the replacement of import products to make it indigenous to support MAKE IN INDIA and to create lots of employment within India.

Hence being one of the best quality producer of electrolytic iron and Alloy powders in world, Industrial Metal Powders (I) Pvt Ltd have been supplying its quality to the diamond tool industry since long time.

IMP understand the diamond cutting tools and working very closely to each application of different tools and abrasives.

IMP has installed mini diamond cutting tool lab inside the facility to provide the consistency for every batch supply.

ELECTRO-FINE– the series of electrolytic iron powders with different particle sizes, densities, hardness, surface area, Purity etc. with stable quality. This allowed end users to make their tools consistent with every lot they supply to the mining and stone cutting market. It helps them to give the excellent performance and to survive into their market

Parallelly, IMP has developed IMPALLOY series of prealloyed powders for the next step solution to make the tools and abrasives more consistent due to homogeneity of two or more metals into matrixes. This also helps you to get the different metal powders from one source and with 100% quality assurance. It also gives commercial benefits, multiple invoices, inventory, testing’s of different raw materials and traceability etc.

In India, IMP has the strength to deliver the material in bulk quantity in just in time. IMP customized the products based on end users requirements for physical and chemical properties, packaging, etc.

The most important part of IMP is that they are committed with transparent and ethical business policies. IMP supply what they committed and can be supply. Never follow the wrong practices or manipulation of product to make it available by making it cheaper by reducing its quality and forcing customer end risk zone.

So, everyone can rely on IMP and its business practices when need to explore the market and survive into market where quality and price both are key to maintain.

IMP has dedicated team to work on developing new products with market demand and taking care of customer to safeguard their market.

In any business process, your incoming materials are the backbone of your final products. If there is a variation in raw materials, it disturbs all the process you follow and keeping consuming your resources slowly to converting into commercial losses which we never thought or analyses.

Hence, it is very important process of selecting the right supplier for long term business and their comes IMP because of its numerous benefits to the diamond cutting tools and abrasives manufacturers.

It is always needed to calculate your cost per segments rather than per kg, if batches get rejected, you know the consequences

So, IMP request you to select the supplier for your long-term business not for short term association.


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