How IMPALLOY Can Increase the Effectiveness of Diamond Cutting Tools?

Effects of Using IMPALLOY Powders in Diamond Cutting Tools
January 14, 2020
January 27, 2020
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How IMPALLOY Can Increase the Effectiveness of Diamond Cutting Tools?

The manufacturers of diamond cutting tools are always fetching for an option that would improve the quality & performance of the tools and abrasives they make. They always check the opportunities to increase the productivity, additional costing and variation in performance of incoming materials and their final products. There are a lot of options that can be fused with the available metal powders for making different types of tools and abrasives. But getting a one stop solution to avoid major risk is to use the alloy powders as base materials and consistency in tools is most demanding requirement in current market scenario.

Many pre-alloyed powders are used for this purpose; the most common used as binders are Iron, Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Tin etc from indigenous and imported products. The most preferred choice is the pre-alloyed iron powder considering its high purity level, sintering properties, irregular morphology, its availability, cost and quality assurance for each batch they buy.

Based in Pune, India and one of the world largest manufacturer with world class facility to make iron and alloy powders for diamond cutting tool industry, Industrial Metal Powders (I) Pvt Ltd is become the trusted house of iron and alloy powders for this industries to bring the stability in the products.

IMP has built that trust with over 45 years of experienced in electrolytic iron and alloy powders they make with 100% quality assurance for every single batch they produced.

As innovation and technology always create big impact on market and need to be one step ahead to identify the market requirement and solution for same.

Hence, IMP has identified the way market is moving and working hard with well designed plan to produce the different grades of IMPALLOY series to make the diamond cutting too, industry more convenient to grow.

To get the quality assurance and consistency in each batch, IMP has installed min lab for testing facility to supply the stable quality @ economical pricing with easily available from small to bulk quantity.

Using IMPLLOY creates tools that are homogenous, stable physical properties, and controlled sintering temperature. It is compatible with marbles, granite, sandstone, Kota stone, limestone cutting segments & abrasives.

Benefits of IMPALLOY series to diamond cutting tool industries:

  • IRON based alloy powders.
  • 100% testings of INCOMING METAL POWDERS
  • Excellent PARTICLE SIZE distribution
  • Lower chances of OXIDATION
  • To improve the MECHANICAL PROPERTY of the matrix.
  • Required LOWER SINTERING temperature
  • Helps for INCREASING THE LIFE of equipment’s.
  • SINGLE melting point
  • Useful to avoid HEAT DAMAGE TO DIAMOND and save energy
  • Irregular shape helps for BETTER DIAMOND RETENTION
  • Available in DIFFERENT mesh size & compositions @ any time.
  • Most COST-EFFECTIVE solution
  • Used for all types of TOOLS AND ABRASIVES
  • Replacement for IMPORT
  • To simplify production process & REDUCE ERROR




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