Effects of Using IMPALLOY Powders in Diamond Cutting Tools

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January 14, 2020
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January 17, 2020
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Effects of Using IMPALLOY Powders in Diamond Cutting Tools

The process of diamond cutting has been used since the primitive stage of our civilization. The purpose and manufacturing have changed with new advancements and innovations.

All the tools are made using various compositions of different metals. These are then used to get the desired shape and size.

The ground-breaking invention in the 19th century was the helical wire. This tool was used to cut the marbles. The technology was then improved in the 20th century when it was found out that embedding diamond dust can increase its performance.

There are still many innovations taking place to increase the durability and performance of these tools. Industrial Metal Powders (I) Pvt. Ltd. (IMP) have developed the iron based prealloyed powders called- IMPALLOY for the diamond cutting tools manufacturers to get the various benefits against elemental powders.

Alloy is a kind of substances with metallic properties composed of metal and another metal or other several metals or nonmetals.

The property of diamond tool matrix is one of the key factors affecting the performance of diamond tools.

IMP India Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a top-notch solution for this problem. The tools made using IMP’s powder are not only durable, but also it cost effective, as it reduces the production cycle, and saves a lot of labor cost.

The company believes in achieving efficiency by using new and modern compositions for producing different types of tools and abrasives.

Effect of using IMPALLOY into diamond cutting tools applications.

  1. To improve the mechanical property of the matrix: In single elemental powders, all the metals have their own melting temp which are of large differences which results into reducing life to tools where as when you use prealloyed powders, the alloy powder has a single melting point which can be controlled and chosen through adjusting the composition ratio.
  2. To improve the matrix alloy holding force to the diamond: you can add small number of other elements like chromium or titanium to improve the holding force of matrix to diamond.
  3. Lower chances of oxidation: By using different metals powders will need to control of oxygen content which affect the final properties of the tools due to huge variation of oxygen. Also, you need to control on each element to repack, stored etc. Whereas IMPALLOY series content single point of oxygen content @ lower side and it solves the long-time preservation problem.
  4. Easy to meet the matrix property requirements: the high antioxidant ability, good sintering property, fully alloying and homogeneous microstructure of prealloyed powder greatly improve the compressive and flexural strength of the sintering products and easily meets the performance requirement of diamond tools matrix.
  5. Useful to avoid heat damage to diamond and save energy: through the control of the prealloyed production process, it can obtain in different particle sizes which is good to improve the powder sintering property and greatly reduces the required activation energy of the metal elements in sintering process. Also due to irregular shape of electrolytic iron being use as base iron, it needs lower sintering temp and helps of more production cycles, heat damage and to save energy. It also helps for improving the life of machines.
  6. To simplify production process & reduce errors: by using IMPALLOY powder, the loading is simplified as the weighing and mixing 2-3 powder ingredients, which decreases the error possibilities when weighing.
  7. To prevent technology loss and contain leakage: through the use of IMPALLOY powder, which is independently designed, developed & produced. It is good for technology security & prevents business technology loss.
  8. To improve the diamond tool quality and lower the cost: it can improve the matrix holding force to the diamond tool. Improve its sharpness and extend the life the tools by using IMPALLOY series. Under the same performance, prealloyed powders can reduce the diamond concentration of 15-20% so that production cost is much cheaper.
  9. Availability and customization: Since one of the largest manufacturers of iron and alloy powders in India with excellent infrastructure, IMP believes in keeping inventory against regular scheduled to avoid inventory cost of tools manufacturers, IMP can produce the alloy with different compositions and particle sizes so that customer can enjoy the production process and product as per their market demand rather than depending on any specific products and its availability.

So, there are lots of benefits of using IMPALLOY in diamond cutting tool industries when you think in other way from traditional thinking of per kg rate. If you calculate your costing form incoming raw materials, its problems with machines, process, products and control on its storage. Hence you may find alloy powder equivalent or slightly higher than your target prices but when you go above calculations, you will fine much cheaper than your target prices or your own bond.

So, lets select the best alloy to make the best tools to become best leader of diamond cutting tools industries.

Always remember…what you add into your process always reflect its impact on your business growth.


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