Why The World Is Moving Towards High Purity Iron?

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Why The World Is Moving Towards High Purity Iron?

It is a well-known fact that when almost all impurities are removed from a metal, it usually exhibits unexpected properties. Iron, too, in its purest form has been the most useful for certain applications worldwide. High purity iron has numerous applications across different industries due to its unique physical and chemical properties. It is used mainly in the production process of mineral-vitamin premixes, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, iron pallets, diamond cutting tools, oxygen absorbers, MR fluids, cosmetics, magnetic wedges, etc. The purity of iron powders is of utmost importance in order to ensure the quality of the final products.

The definition of purity varies with respect to the metal and its intended use and in general the requirements of purity are more rigid for the noble and valuable metals than for the common ones. However, in recent years studies have been conducted to observe the preparations of even common metals in higher states of purity. These studies reveal that certain properties of these metals may be materially affected by amounts of impurities so small that they were formerly considered insignificant.

The purer the iron, the greater is its resistance to electrolytic self-destruction which takes place at the interfaces between the iron crystals and the accumulated alloying elements. High purity iron is partially resistant to acids, bases and salt solutions which react with the element Fe. Although high purity cannot completely replace other rust and acid-resistant materials, it offers advantages where certain chemical degradation of unalloyed metallic materials is acceptable. Compared to unalloyed steels, the homogeneous structure and high purity makes it more resistant to many corroding chemicals.

The purer the iron, the better is its oxidation behavior which is known as scaling. It plays a major role particularly in thermal processing and other thermal applications. Oxidative scaling not only prevents the transfer of heat; it also has a destructive effect by reducing the thickness of the material. High purity iron offers increased resistance due to its firmly adhering and protective layers of scale.

The world is moving towards high purity iron which is economically viable for various applications. IMP is well known for producing extremely high purity iron with purity of 99.9%. This form of iron is specially used for making high purity iron salts and pigments. It has lowest impurities like S, Mn, P, etc. Due to its controlled chemistry, it is the most demanding product in various pharmaceutical and chemical applications where high purity material is required. IMP is the only manufacturer of such high purity iron in India and the world with 100% GMP & HACCP practices.

To be used as a catalyst and reagent iron in its purest form is most suitable. IMP has developed high purity iron in both powders and flakes forms for chemical applications to be used as catalysts and reagents. In the production of Ferro magnets, use of high purity iron is critical. Electrolytic iron powders of IMP find an excellent application in the manufacturing of Ferro magnets. Along with this, the purity of iron powders is crucial in the production process of magnetic inks and toners. IMP’s iron powders find application in their production process as well.

Purity of iron powders is critical in the pharmaceutical industry as well. IMP’s high purity, Electrolytic Iron Powder with a purity greater than 99.5% consistently meets the strict pharmaceutical requirements. Because of its high purity and batch to batch consistency, it helps end users to increase their productivity and to get a high yield. Purity has always been considered as an essential factor in ensuring the quality of pharmaceutical products.

High purity iron has immense demand and applications in the nutritional industry. Ordinary elemental iron powders have extremely poor bioavailability and low purity. As per the latest guidelines published by WHO, only Electrolytic Iron Powder is the recommended elemental iron for fortification. IMP’s Electrolytic Iron Powder is the best solution for food fortification and other nutritional applications worldwide. It meets FCC specifications.

If iron powders are to be used to make the best cosmetic products, the purity factor is of utmost importance. Iron powders with high purity are used to make magnetic facial masks. IMP has developed a special grade product with the use of reduced iron powder called Electro-Facial 200. It is an excellent solution for making a magnetic facial mask for cosmetic application. If high purity iron is not used, the product would not yield the desired results.


High purity iron is demanded worldwide because of its unique and excellent chemical composition with minimum levels of impurities which are helpful in making the best products for different industries worldwide. Over 45 years of experience in making a single product of high purity electrolytic iron, IMP has become the first reference to many of the well known manufacturers in the food, pharma, cosmetics and chemical industries across the globe. Due to its excellent infrastructure, technical expertise and best labs, IMP boasts of giving 100% quality assurance and customized solutions for small to bulk requirements.

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