Why MR fluids is recommended for use in Shock Absorbers

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Why MR fluids is recommended for use in Shock Absorbers

Magnetorheological properties of MR fluids recommended for use in Shock Absorbers

Great deal of researches in the sciences of diversity could be credited for the super inventions and discoveries that have completely transformed the way now humans live and manipulate their surroundings. We have developed specific products and mechanisms towards particular applications of social economy. MR or magnetorheological fluids relate to the specific fluids that respond to the applied electromagnetic fields and exhibit a difference in their rheological properties and resultant attributes of achievable stress against the surface. This correlation is developed due to the presence of the ferromagnetic particles like that of alloys of iron, nickel or cobalt.

The MR fluids –

When the magnetic field is applied the ferromagnetic particles that are present in the size of micrometer (1 – 20 micrometer) in the MR fluid realign them in columnar structures which are responsible for change in the stress characteristics of the fluid; which then begins to behave differently, especially in terms of viscosity and hence change in the rheological attributes! Such characteristics of MR fluids make them apt for use in shock absorbers. Leading Magnetol manufacturer in India has been offering its products in different compositions towards meeting diverse applications. The buyers of MR fluid, on the other hand, are very particular about the composition characteristics of the MR fluid and they are particularly inquisitive about the salient properties of MR fluids that are recommended for use in shock absorbers. Here is an overview of the attributes that count as important in the selection of the MR fluids for shock absorbers –

The properties of the MR fluid for use in shock absorbers –

It should be stated that the magnetorheological properties of the MR fluids are the function of the composition and the applied magnetic field that is kept in the variable range. In this context, the basic attributes relating size, shape, and concentration of particles in the fluid are important! Experts at a leading magnetorheological (MR) fluid manufacturer in India consider that for shock absorber MR fluids, the concentration of the ferromagnetic particles should be 20%. Thus, with the application of variable magnetic field on such MR fluid, the yielded stress curve would stretch to a max of 20k Pascal.

Apart from the concentration and nature of the ferromagnetic particles in the fluid column, other properties of relevance include the following –

  • The fluid viscosity of the MR fluid in the absence of the magnetic field

  • Resistance against the process of gradual sedimentation of the ferromagnetic particles in a fluid column – this is very important for perfect functioning; MR fluid suppliers in India offer additives as per the requirements of the customer’s applications.

  • The stability of the MR fluid should be optimized in terms of oxidation resistance of the fluid

  • The tribological characteristics of the MR fluid – for desirable performance

  • The temperature range that is admissible by the MR fluid column

  • An optimized variability range of the yielded stress through the application of varying magnetic field on the MR fluid

  • Durability of the MR fluid – this should be optimized so as to improve the quality and bring economy in usage in high profile engineering applications

MR fluid suppliers in India are offering wide range products to suit the applicative dimensions of the customers in the engineering sectors of diversity!

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