Low Gas Electrolytic Iron Flakes

Low Gas Electrolytic Iron Flakes

Low Gas Electrolytic Iron Flakes are manufactured by the process of Electro Deposition. This new grade recently developed in house has low gases in addition to high purity. Many high-end applications demand very pure Metal of extremely high purity. This demands metals with extremely low metal and Gaseous impurities. All the above points are taken care of during the development of this new grade.

The new grade developed finds applications in Aerospace, Nuclear Power, Energy sector, Super Alloys, Rare Earth magnets, Analytical Standard specimens and different R &D Applications. The standard specimens developed are used as reference samples for calibrating different sophisticated Instruments.

The samples prepared from this Grade are tested on highly sophisticated Instruments in USA and in our lab results are confirmed


1. High purity

2. Electrolytic Iron Flakes are mfg by advanced refining technologies.

3. Low gas contents

4. Easy to use

Worldwide Distributor for high purity & low gas electrolytic iron Flakes



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