MR fluids are basically a mixture of mineral oil or synthetic oil and Pure Iron Powder.MR fluids consists of around 30 % by volume of Pure Iron particles. Size of this Iron particles is around 10 microns. These Iron particles are suspended in carrier liquid such as mineral oil,synthetic oil etc.These liquids help to maintain fluid in suspension.

Viscosity of these fluids change drastically under inflence of magnetic field. The Yield stress of the fluid in active state can be controlled very accurately by varying magnetic filed. This fluid finds application in dampers,clutches, shock absorbers etc. Recently we have developed another grade in MR fluid. The properties of this Grade are listed below.

MAGNETOL-175 MR Fluid properties:

Property Specifications
Carrier liquid Proprietary oil
Particle Volume Fraction, φ 0.24
Particle Weight Fraction 0.75
Density (g/cm3) 2.860.03
Yield stress (kPa) @ 600 kA/m 3601
Plastic Viscosity (mPa.s)@ 40˚C, ˚ > 500 s-1 0.060.010
Temperature Range (˚C) -40 to130
Magnetic Permeability, Relative @ low field ~4
Figure of Merit (Pa/s) τ2sat/ηP 2x1010
Response Time (s) <0.001
Flash Point (˚C) >150
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