While the first use of diamond as an engraving tool dates to 350 BC, the recent application of diamond tools is just a century old. The world saw its first diamond circular saw blades for cutting stone in 1885 in France. The early blades employed carbonades set around their edges and were used to cut limestone and marbles. Unlike today’s diamond tools which are made of pre-alloyed powders by leading pre-alloyed powder manufacturers in India.

The market for the diamond tools is increasing rapidly due to globalization, more options available and the demand from the society.

To achieve the ideal tool life and best cutting performance, the chemical composition, particle size, packing characteristics of the matrix powders and thermal stability of the diamond must be carefully selected. While Cobalt was seen as the best and most valued matrix metal for professional tools, it’s unstable (rising) prices has made the manufacturers look for other economical quality alternatives to survive in market.
Therefore, Iron Powders manufacturers in India have already started developing iron-based powders to substitute cobalt & other expensive metal powders in the production of diamond impregnated tool segments.

At IMP, being the world best quality electrolytic iron powder supplier for diamond tool industry, we have the facility to produce the prealloyed powders for diamond tools by mechanically and by diffusion processing with its own range of technologies, process control, fully equipped laboratory We manufacture customized alloyed powders and work on 100% secrecy with our customers for developing specific bonds for specific applications.

Our pre-alloyed powders are having benefits like homogeneity, strong diamond retention, helps for temperature control, anti-oxidation, stable performance for tools, helps to increase productivity, cost-efficient, batch to batch consistency, available easily. We have an option for cobalt and nickel free matrixes and worked on all type of stones.

Currently our alloyed powders are being exported to Europe, China, Korea. Dr Fritsch, the world best-known company in metal powders and machineries is representing IMP worldwide.

IMP is the only in India who does test all the incoming raw materials to in process to finished products to make sure to batch to batch consistency. We are also working with various engineering colleges, institutes and associated with PMAI, DTAI, IIM, COEP etc to develop & support for products for diamond cutting tools industries.

IMP is working on free sintering bonds which is coming future in India and ready to offer various alloyed powders to get success of free sintering process.

IMP has wide experienced of iron and alloy powders and is well-known with the requirements of domestic and international diamond tool customers. Manufacturers of diamond impregnated saw blades for cutting granite, marble, asphalt, and concrete throughout the world have found IMP’s customized iron & alloyed powders to be versatile and adaptable to their manufacturing techniques for various types of diamond cutting tools like gang saw, wire beads, circular saw segments, polishing tools, and concrete tools. Our technical team is specialists in design and manufacture of matrix powders to suit the various tool applications and fabrication methods.

Our IMPALLOY series is best options for imported alloyed powders, for cost benefits, to reduce the inventory cost and many more… Hence request you to please visit us in STONA 18, Bangalore @ Stall No:328, Hall-4 & be the part of growing industry.

For more details, you can mail us on marketing@imp-india.com or visit us on www.imp-india.com

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