Iron Powder for Surface Coating
Iron Powder for Surface Coating
August 12, 2017
Iron Powder for Brazing Industrial Applications and Functions
Iron Powder for Brazing : Industrial Applications and Functions
October 7, 2017
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Iron Powders for Chemical Applications

Iron Powders for Chemical Applications

Discovery of Iron metal could be called as very distinguished and fortunate in the evolutionary history of mankind. We have derived a lot of benefit from this metal and our most of the boasted developments could be attributed to iron and steel. While for the common people, iron is mostly a construction material, there are also significant uses of it in different industries. Many such uses develop from the iron powder that is offered in micro to nano sized grains of pure iron metal. On account of the specialty physical properties that are derived from such iron particles, these have become the uncontested choice in various chemical applications. These applications are then leveraged by various industries ranging from printing and food packaging to paints and purifications. Metal powder manufacturers are catering to these requirements as per the custom demands of their clients in various industrial segments. Here are the specific applications of iron powder for chemical industry.

  • Manufacture of water purification systems

Iron powder is used in manufacture of ferrous and ferric salts that are utilized in the purification of water. Ferric chloride, ferrous chloride and oxides of iron like magnetite are being used for this purpose and are derived from the iron powder.

  • Powder cutting of steel

Iron powder when used in the oxy acetylene torch increases the temperature of the flame and thus enhances the steel cutting efficiency. Apart from this, the slag that is produced is also diluted, which in the absence of iron particles, generates heat resistance.

  • Food packaging

Iron powder bags are used in the food packs because of the oxygen absorbing qualities of the metal. Metal powder manufacturers are offering super fine and high purity iron powder that is used by the food processing industry. Iron powder is also used in food fortification and pharmacy industry for supplements manufacture.

  • To increase the conductivity

Iron is a good conductor of heat. Hence it is often used in the polymer products of industrial significance. By reinforcing the polymer with appropriate amount of iron powder, the heat conductivity is increased to suit the particular application.

  • To increase the weight

Iron powder is also used as a uniform filler substance to increase the weight like of a plastic or polymer mold for specific engineering tasks.

  • Magnetic paints manufacture

In the making of magnetic paints and magnetic boards, iron powders are used as a coating on the surface. Super fine iron powder is utilized for making such magnetic paints.

  • Industrial catalysts

Manufacturers of iron powder for chemical industry offer high grade, 100% pure iron powders in various grain sizes to suit the catalytic uses in industrial reactions.

  • Removing Sulphur impurity from gasified fuels

Iron powder is used for purification of gasified fuels, especially removal of Sulphur that readily oxidizes through the presence of iron.

  • Addition to polymers in case of injection molded and extruded components

High resilience molded and extruded components in polymer are made by injecting the iron powder as uniformly distributed filler. The presence of iron powder makes the component very rigid and sturdy for various applications. In this manner the dual characteristics of polymer and iron are derived.

Iron powder manufacturers are catering to these demands through custom products with desirable physical and chemical properties.

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